Step 3:  Survey

If you really want to discover your company's intellectual assets, customer needs, market and technology trends, innovation opportunities, competitors' threatening activities, and potential relationships...

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What you'll learn:

  • What is the best way to inventory your company's trade secrets?
  • What 7 basic practices for performing an IP Audit can identify and help correct protections that are faulty, agreements that are flawed, and procedures that are dysfunctional?
  • How can customer feedback lead to valuable innovations?
  • What are the most profitable things your company can learn from analyzing the patent landscape?
  • How can your company identify which patents, companies, and technologies are most important in a particular field?
  • How can your company spot potential strategic relationships, licensees, and infringers?
  • How can your company continuously detect competitors that are attempting to set infringement traps, legally steal your markets, or thwart your future profitability?

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