Step 6:  Enhance

If you really want to enhance your company's intellectual assets, so that you can optimize and harness their full value, then implement our best practices for their protection, risk avoidance, and valuation. To learn more...

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What you'll learn:

  • When does enhanced IP (such as patents, mark registrations, copyright registrations, etc.) make strong business sense?
  • Which common IP risks can be easily avoided, which are usually correctable, and which tend to destroy value?
  • What value-added legal practices should you demand for its patents and marks?
  • What techniques can be used to valuate intellectual assets?
  • How should likely returns be adjusted to account for IP risks?
  • What factors can strongly influence likely returns, investments, and risks for different types of intellectual assets?
  • How should a company prepare for successfully harnessing the value of its intellectual assets?

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