Our Technologies

We are deeply experienced with evaluating, securing, exploiting, and challenging intellectual property rights covering a very wide and continually growing range of technologies, including:

  • Electrical
    • telecommunications, networking, wireless, computer hardware, electronics, motors, breakers, high voltage equipment
  • Software
    • operating systems, controls, applications, databases, user interfaces, embedded systems, automation
  • Mechanical
    • medical devices, automotive, aerospace, defense, construction, machinery, mining, MEMS, tools, consumer products, sporting goods, ballistics, toys, food production, manufacturing processes
  • Business
    • finance, economics, marketing, e-commerce, insurance, statistics
  • Optics & Physics
    • lasers, photonics, electro-optics, lenses, sensors, imaging, radiography, thermometry
  • Materials
    • properties, uses, processing, alloys, coatings
  • Chemical
    • chelates, catalysts, polymers, inorganics, nano-tech, processing
  • Biotechnology
    • biochips, medical devices, bioinformatics, bioremediation

Given our substantial technical, business, and legal backgrounds, we quickly absorb the concepts and details of each client's innovations, business directions, and legal needs, so that we can seriously empower their intellectual property.

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