Our Team

In addition to our Registered Patent Attorney, Mike Haynes, for nearly a decade our top-notch local team has included many very bright and hardworking patent agents and paralegals.

We often join forces with other law firms who rely on our deep IP expertise to augment their own services, optimize their client's IP power, and strengthen their relationship with that client.

Similarly, we frequently serve investors by assessing, valuating, and enhancing intangible assets, intellectual properties, and emerging companies.

As needed to serve our client's needs, we recruit, guide, and collaborate with additional highly-skilled professionals, such as:

  • Attorneys - IP, Corporate, Tax, Litigation, etc.;
  • Subject Matter Experts - Technical, Financial, Business, etc.;
  • Foreign Legal Counsel; and
  • Advanced Searchers.

Given our substantial technical, business, and legal backgrounds, we quickly absorb the concepts and details of each client's innovations, business directions, and legal needs, so that we can seriously empower their intellectual property.

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