Our professional IP audit will systematically review how well your company has been respecting its own, and other's, IP assets by:

  1. Reviewing your company's IP-related practices, records and documents;
  2. Inventorying IP assets controlled and/or used by your company;
  3. Prioritizing your company's mission-critical IP assets;
  4. Analyzing the scope, ownership, and vulnerabilities of those mission-critical IP assets;
  5. Verifying that appropriate strategies, policies, and procedures are in place to optimize returns;
  6. Identifying how you can mitigate liability for possible third party claims of IP infringement against your company; and
  7. Recommending changes needed to optimize returns from your company's mission-critical IP assets.

Our IP audits can help empower your company's IP by:

  1. Identifying unrecognized or emergent IP assets;
  2. Increasing the value of existing IP assets;
  3. Reducing the costs and risks of third-party IP claims;
  4. Building value of products that reply on IP assets;
  5. Identifying potential non-core revenue streams;
  6. Inspiring additional revenue through core business licensing;
  7. Increasing the value of corporate transactions;
  8. Reducing costs of unused IP assets;
  9. Suggesting tax deductions for IP asset donations;
  10. Reducing new product development costs (product clearance);
  11. Evaluating the IP assets of an acquisition or investment target (due diligence);
  12. Assessing business direction and strength;
  13. Revealing unappreciated business possibilities; and/or
  14. Discovering business expansion opportunities.

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