Multiple Legal Protections

Many Intellectual Assets can be protected in multiple ways: 

    Concepts, Ideas, Prototypes, Models

         Functional aspects – Utility Patents

         Non-functional aesthetic aspects – Design Patents

         Expressive aspects – Copyrights

         All aspects – Trade Secrets

    Know-how, Recipes, Processes, Software, Customers

         Undisclosed & secured – Trade Secrets

         Discoverable methods – Utility Patents

    Brands, Logos, Ads, Jingles

         Source indicators – Common Law and Registered Trademarks

         Web addresses – Domain Names

         Expressive aspects – Copyrights

    Writings, Photos, Drawings, Artwork, Sculpture, Audio, Video

         Expressive aspects – Copyrights

         Ornamental product features – Design Patents

         Visual product or packaging features – Trade Dress

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