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It's probably fair to say that Mike Haynes is broadly experienced.  Now in his 19th year in the intellectual property field, Mike has been degreed as a patent lawyer for over 16 years, a manager for over 22 years, and an engineer for over 28 years.  

Mike started very young.  He has been an entrepreneur for over 40 years, a computer programmer for the past 35 years, and a systems architect for at least 25 years.  

Speaking of experience, as many companies eventually learn to their great dismay, some patent attorneys who prepare and prosecute patent applications have little to no experience with patent or trademark litigation.  Yet Mike has deep and broad real-world experience and formal education in both patent and trademark litigation, including very heavy involvement in 12 patent litigations (8 U.S. and 4 foreign), along with lighter involvement in many more IP litigations.  

Because of his solid patent litigation background, Mike knows and appreciates how patent law is developing.  For example, above and beyond his formal legal education, Mike has read every Federal Circuit and Supreme Court patent decision issued within the past 12 years (roughly 3000 decisions).  These are the courts that have the final say on U.S. patent law, and when they change directions, Mike Haynes knows it, and changes direction as needed, right away.

Mike also has extensive experience with agreements, licensing, and opinions. Mike has drafted and negotiated hundreds of employment, non-disclosure, assignment, and other agreements, including dozens of licensing agreements, some valued at 7 figures or higher.  In his counseling practice, Mike has rendered numerous strategic, patentability, non-infringement, invalidity, and due diligence opinions.

Mike has integrated his vast experience into the preparation of over 950 patent applications, of which over 800 were U.S. patent applications.  He also has prosecuted over 1450 patent applications, at least 1000 of which were U.S. patent applications.  And his work has been fruitful.  Over 1000 patents have issued based in some part on Mike's preparation and prosecution work, in over 45 countries, in a highly diverse range of technologies. 

And the bounty isn't limited to patents.  Mike has filed over 125 U.S. trademark registration applications, and prosecuted an equal number.  Currently, at least 70 registered trademarks are related to Mike's work.

Mike's business skills are rock solid.  Although most patent attorneys have little to no formal business education, Mike Haynes holds an MBA with course work in finance, marketing, strategy, accounting, information systems, human resources, economics, statistics, and management.  

Likewise, while most patent attorneys have not planned, started-up, or managed a business, Mike Haynes has a deep and broad real-world experience in each of those areas, along with: product research, innovating, and product development; business development, marketing, and sales; capitalization, taxation, and accounting; manufacturing, operations, and administration; and finally, management information systems.    

And in contrast with most patent attorneys who have personally brought no products to market, Mike has developed, produced, and/or marketed businesses based on legal services, software, plastic resins, specialized consumer products, rare coins, print media, food products, and more.  He has created and run 3 profitable businesses on his own, and has a fourth currently incubating.

Mike gained his legal skills through assignments that have included:

Starting in 1994, during his initial year of law school, Mike learned to draft patent applications first-hand while working for a very bright, experienced, local patent attorney.  Mike earned his patent registration number in 1995, and continued learning the details of patent drafting and prosecution from some of the best in the business while working for premier, world-renowned patent and litigation firms.

Prior to embarking into the world of intellectual property, Mike spent over a decade gaining real-world technical experiences.  For example, he spent 9 years with The Dow Chemical Company in a variety of engineering and managerial roles.  Also, Mike worked 2 years in technical roles in the electrical power industry starting in 1980. Moreover, Mike has assisted businesses in researching, assessing, and implementing computer technologies for well over 25 years.

Among patent attorneys, Michael N. Haynes has an unmatched formal education, including graduating in 1996 with a Juris Doctorate (JD) in the top 10% of his class at the Franklin Pierce Law Center, which continues to offer one of the highest-ranked intellectual property law programs in the country.  

In addition to his law degree, Mike has earned a Master of Science in Electrical & Computer Engineering from The Johns Hopkins University (3.6 GPA), a Master of Business Administration from Central Michigan University (3.6 GPA), and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech (3.6 GPA in his major).

Since joining the legal profession, Mike has served many in the Fortune Global 1000, including such well-known companies as AT&T, Siemens, Intel, Apple, Sony, Sun, Nokia, Samsung, Black & Decker, Procter & Gamble, Tyson Foods, Boston Scientific, Wells Fargo, Lockheed Martin, Texaco, Tyco, Beckman, Monsanto, Mattel, Toyota, LucasArts, Daimler-Benz, Fisher-Price, and Huffy.  His clients have also included many smaller businesses, start-ups, and even a major university. 

To even better serve his clients, in 2002, Mike launched and continues to run his own law firm, Michael Haynes PLC.  Mike and his entire team are deeply committed to providing peerless client service.

For example, to accelerate responsiveness and drive down clients' costs, Mike has extended his vast legal, management, and technical experiences while developing powerful office processes and innovative software that his superbly talented team relies on each day.  Based on Mike's software, his team files nearly every patent and trademark submission electronically. Mike's fully paper-less office allows for immediate and secure access any relevant client information, thereby avoiding delays, lost paperwork, and paper storage costs.  Going further, Mike requires foreign counsel to send all communications and documents electronically, thereby avoiding unnecessary delays and charges for paper handling, filing, scanning, postage, and couriers, etc. In return, his firm pays over 99% of its bills within 3 business days of receipt.  As a result of Mike's commitment to efficient paperless operations, nearly all of his correspondence is sent electronically, saving his clients time and money. 

As another example, no matter whether large or small, rather than dumping any client on a new, under-trained, or inexperienced attorney, Michael Haynes PLC instead provides every client with direct and prompt access to a dedicated, deeply-experienced patent attorney – Mike himself.  And instead of sticking clients with substantial overhead costs for: prestigious high-rent downtown addresses in New York or DC; opulent atriums, polished marble flooring, and fine wood paneling; or hordes of under-utilized staff, Michael Haynes PLC is dedicated to incurring minimal overhead.  For example, the firm has no expensive downtown office space at all.  What's more, it has no reception areas, conference rooms, libraries, or even file rooms!  And as explained above, because the firm utilizes highly efficient paperless operations, except in extreme cases, there are no separate charges for copies, postage, couriers, etc. 

Mike and his firm focus exclusively on empowering each client's IP portfolio. For example, so that his clients stay well-informed, Mike periodically provides his clients with free IP Progress Reports listing the status of their intellectual assets and other matters.  He also timely sends monthly invoices providing detailed descriptions of all work performed.  For those clients who desire it, Mike can periodically generate updated valuations of each of the client's mission-critical intellectual assets, estimating expected investments, risks, and returns for any desired scenario, so that the client can easily determine when further investment appears unjustified given a desired risk-adjusted return threshold.  In addition, he can periodically audit a client's intellectual assets, IP portfolio, and related processes, prioritize those that are truly critical to the mission of the company, and teach his client how it can better manage those mission-critical items.

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